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The following terms, words and expressions are for use in interpreting this document:

"Geneva Airport Transfers or (GAT)" refers to the company which is a trading name of SARL Chalet Tissieres, No. TVA FR384 800 42662 No. Siret 4800 42662 000019

"Client" the person making the booking personally or on behalf of other persons. . "Party" all persons travelling under a single booking or confirmation. "Passenger" a particular person within a party.

  1. Full acceptance of these terms is assumed at the time a booking or reservation is made.
  2. All fares published on any GAT website or literatures are changeable until the booking is confirmed in writing.
  3. All fares are open to change without prior notice. If these changes are made after the time of booking GAT will write to the client explaining. The client has the right to accept or reject these changes. If rejected a full refund will be made within 7 working days.
  4. Transfers are only fully confirmed & scheduled when booking confirmation has been sent, payment or agreed deposit taken and communicated to both GAT and the client.
  5. Clients accept these terms on behalf of all other members of a party booking.
  6. Bookings made via telephone are also subject to these terms and conditions.
  7. Booking confirmations must be presented to GAT at both arrival and departure points by the client.
  8. The destination and subsequent pick up address on the booking form are the only ones at which the client will be met and picked up. Any changes to these addresses must be communicated to GAT 48 hrs before hand & may be subject to additional administration fees.
  9. CANCELLATIONS by the client:

    Cancellation >7 days before scheduled transfer pick up time = Loss of total one way fee or 50% of return fee.

    Cancellation <7 days before scheduled transfer pick up time = Loss of total one way fee or 100% of return fee.

    GAT are happy to provide written confirmation to the client cancelling transfers with us for their personal insurance purposes.

    IMPORTANT: Any cancellation must be communicated in writing to the office at

    Verbal communication of cancellation will not be accepted.

  10. Luggage: All luggage must be clearly labelled with the owners name and address.

    Each passenger is responsible for his or her luggage. Geneva Airport Transfers will take no responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen luggage in the airport terminals.

    Geneva Airport Transfers undertakes to load, store and return luggage in the condition in which it was received at the time of loading.

    Customers are limited to two items of luggage including a ski and snowboard bag. In the event of a client having excess luggage Geneva Airport Transfers reserves the right to charge an excess baggage allowance or can refuse to transport the items.

    Bikes will be transported free of charge. The number of bikes will be indicated by the client at the time of booking. If the client arrives with more bikes than indicated on the booking form GAT may refuse to carry these bikes. Bikes must be encased in a suitable bag or box.

    If this is not the case GAT will refuse to carry these items. The above also applies to golf clubs.

  11. The driver or representative of any Geneva Airport Transfers vehicle has the right to refuse to carry any person who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or whose behaviour is considered to pose a threat to the driver, the vehicle or any other passenger.
  12. Child seats: GAT can provide appropriate child seats if requested. This must be requested by the client at the time of booking. Children under the age of 12yrs and less than 135cm tall must use the appropriate child seat and must not travel in the front row of seats in any of our vehicles. If the client has specific seating needs for children then it is suggested that the client provides their own appropriate equipment. Children are not allowed at any stage to share a seat or lap sit with another member of the party in a vehicle irrespective of their age.
  13. If any client vandalises or soils a GAT vehicle an immediate fine of €150 euros will be payable to the driver or representative. If the client refuses to pay this fine it will be taken from the credit car details supplied for the booking. If this payment cannot be taken GAT will refuse to carry out any further transportation for the client.
  14. The consumption of food stuffs and alcohol is forbidden on any GAT vehicles. Smoking is forbidden on any Geneva Airport Transfers vehicle.
  15. Parents or guardians for any minors travelling (people under the age of 18yrs) will be held responsible for the actions of these minors within their group.
  16. GAT will endeavour to carry all its passengers in comfort, safety and with the minimal disruption to their travel plans. However, GAT shall not be held liable in any way for disruptions to passenger transportation, and which may cause the client to incur additional costs or loss, due to circumstances out of its control caused by, but not exclusively.

    • Vehicle breakdown or malfunction.
    • Delays on public roads caused by police, accidents, congestion or unforeseen traffic delays.
    • GAT vehicles being held or detained by police, government or airport officials.
    • Severe weather or snow conditions.
    • Acts of terrorism, vandalism or industrial action by third parties. Force Majeure.
    • Missed flights or connections by road, rail or any other transportation method public or other wise.
  17. If GAT book transportation facilities with others suppliers we do so as agents. On such occasions the terms and conditions of those suppliers will apply to the client. GAT's liability will be limited to passenger travel on its own vehicle fleet.
  18. Booking information by the client: At the time of booking the client is solely responsible for all the information supplied to GAT. GAT will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to the client that occurs as a result of illegible or incorrect information supplied.
  19. Route or Tunnel closures or blockages: A supplement will be agreed between GAT and the client to be paid upon arrival at the destination, indicated on the original booking form, that reflects any additional mileage, time, tolls or fees taken to complete the journey. Where no agreement can be reached GAT will transport the client up to the point of blockage or closure. GAT waives the right to charge a supplement at its discression.
  20. Mont Blanc tunnel delays: We will always try to foresee any increased journey times due to additional traffic accessing the Mont Blanc tunnel and schedule accordingly. If however the driver is delayed by more than 30 minutes due to heavy traffic in either direction, an additional charge of €20 per for every extra half hour of delay will be applied.
  21. Flight delay, cancellation or flights being rescheduled:

    If your plane is delayed:
    Please phone the following number immediately: 0033 619 423 752. Delay of more than 30 minutes after your scheduled flight arrival time: If you would like Geneva Airport Transfers to wait for your delayed flight for you, or for waiting during a pre arrange pick up time the following waiting fee of €35 every 30 minutes up to 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. and €40 for every 30 minutes after 8 pm - 9am will be applied. If GAT is delayed or cannot wait longer than 60 mins after your scheduled flight arrival time we will inform you of this by telephone or text.

    If your plane is cancelled or rescheduled:
    GAT reserves the right to recover full payment. If you would like GAT to meet your newly scheduled flight arrival a new transfer quotation will be given. The client does not have to accept this. No refunds will be given in the event of flight cancellation or being rescheduled for a later date.

  22. Fuel surcharges: GAT reserves the right to increase its transfer costs with fuel price rises and in line with point 3 above.
  23. GAT's terms are governed by French law and in the event of a dispute that cannot be resolved amicably or by mediation the French courts will govern any dispute.
  24. If GAT book transportation facilities with others suppliers we do so as agents. On such occasions the terms and conditions of those suppliers will apply to the client. GAT's liability will be limited to passenger travel on its own vehicle fleet.



We will provide you with a door to door service

Our drivers will take you right to the door of your accommodation and collect you again at your designated address as requested on our enquiry form at the time of booking, (subject to road access and snow conditions).

Tickets for this service are Non-transferable and Non-refundable.

This means for example if your flight is cancelled/delayed/luggage lost etc and your original confirmed transfer departure time is missed, we will aim to have you depart the airport on the next available transfer. However, if for example, no seats are available due to service termination time for the day, we cannot guarantee your travel to your detination with this transfer service option and you will have to make a new booking with us.

Shared (Standard) Transfer scheduled pick up time

You’ll receive a text message the evening before you travel to confirm your scheduled pick up time.

With a Shared Standard Transfer when we collect you from Geneva Airport our aim is to leave the airport within one hour to 90 minutes of your arrival.

On your return journey from Chamonix to Geneva Airport you will be collected from your accommodation approx. 3 to 5 hours prior to your flight departure time. With all departures from Chamonix as this is a shared transfer a 15-minute window is provided for multiple pick-ups throughout the Chamonix valley, which provides enough travel time (approx. 90 minutes transfer time) to Geneva and for your flight departure.

For Example, with a Chamonix departure of 07.00am - please make sure you are ready to depart your accommodation at 06.45am, 15 minutes prior to your confirmed, scheduled collection time. Remember this collection time will be approx. 3 to 5 hours prior to the time your flight departs Geneva.


Our Private Transfers from Geneva Airport give you the luxury of travelling to your own personal travel arrangements. So, when you arrive at Geneva Airport after collecting your luggage, our driver will be ready to meet you and depart immediately without waiting for any other passengers.

For your convenience our vehicles will take you right to the door of your accommodation (subject to road access and snow conditions).

This Private shuttle service from Geneva runs continuously throughout the whole year with no date limitations. There is a slight price increase for Private Transfers that depart Chamonix before 04.00am and similarly for flights arriving into Geneva Airport after 22:30pm.

If your flight is cancelled/delayed/luggage lost etc and your original confirmed Private Transfer departure time is missed, your Private Transfer will wait for 1 hour at no extra cost. If you are delayed longer than 1 hour beyond your original flight arrival time, you will be charged an extra 30€ per hour waiting time if the vehicle is available to wait this long. If this vehicle cannot wait for your new arrival time, GAT will place you on our next available Shared Transfer or you can process a new booking if this procedure is not acceptable for your new arrival time for collection.

Private Airport Transfer scheduled pick up time Chamonix to Geneva Airport

You will receive an SMS the evening before your travel to confirm your scheduled pick up time and the drivers contact details.

When departing Chamonix, we provide a minimum 3 to 4 hour collection window before your flight departure time from Geneva Airport. This allows correct travel time (approx. 90 minutes) for transportation to Geneva Airport.